Nanny Course in Chandigarh

Nanny Course in Chandigarh

If you are one of those people who believe in taking care of the little ones, then why not take our professional nanny course in Chandigarh and get into this industry. There is a great demand for professional nannies (Caregivers) especially in Canada. If you are planning to move abroad and earn a lot of money, this is the best option for you. The National Institute Chandigarh is the only institute that offers a nanny course in Chandigarh according to the Canadian curriculum and experienced in this field.

Nanny Course in Chandigarh


To become a professional nanny, one must join a nanny training institute where she will be taught the etiquette of caring for a child. There are many institutes that offer nanny courses, but the National Institute in Chandigarh is the best institute in Chandigarh for Nanny Training with 11 years of experience in training nanny students. Caring for a child is not an easy job without the right knowledge, training or information. You should be polite and learn professional child handling techniques.


A nanny is a professionally qualified nanny or babysitter trained to care for children. From protection to supervision to education, a nanny is an absolute guardian of things that are related to children. Basically, there are two types of nannies (homemakers) that are employed in homes, first at home and second at home.

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National Institute Chandigarh is the best nanny training institute in Chandigarh with 11 years of experience. We have trained professionals to deliver online and offline courses.


Well, there are several benefits to learning the Professional Course and the 100% Certified Nanny Course. Some of the major and important points are mentioned below.

1. After learning the Professional Nanny Course, you can see tremendous growth in your career as it is a 6 month certified program.

2. Once you get the right training, you can easily and quickly develop your professional caring skills, including maturity, patience, and leadership.

3. From dressing, feeding to washing, everything of babies is done by the nanny, which helps to learn all the basic things in childcare.

4. The Professional Nanny Course is absolutely affordable and easy to learn as it is in high demand these days.

5. The guardian or trainer will guide, encourage and support you every step of the way to become a professional attendant for a baby.

6. The main benefits of learning this exciting professional course are that you can get internships in Canada, Australia and other foreign countries as a caregiver.

Nanny Course fees in Chandigarh:

If you are looking for the best nanny institute in Chandigarh. I would recommend you to join the National Institute Chandigarh , proud member of INA, the institute has a very good record of recent students. Students can review the opportunities that have been provided to the passed out students. Take the IELTS test if you want to go abroad and start preparing to become a professional nanny. This course is designed for students who wish to become caregivers and move abroad to improve their lives. The duration of the course is 6 months, 1 year and 2 years. During this tenure, students will be fully trained with live examples.

Nanny course schedule

Take a look at the detail units mentioned below that will be included in the program for working effectively in the home care industry.

 1. Child care:

In this unit we will cover the duties and responsibilities of a nanny. It includes infant care in which childhood illnesses, prenatal and postnatal care will be supported, as well as the development and implementation of healthy eating patterns. The housekeeper will be trained and taught to protect the little one with lifesaving techniques with knowledge and awareness on learning disabilities, speech, hearing and vision problems and most importantly child abuse. Best Nanny Training Institute in Chandigarh in Sector 34

Additionally, infant massage, healthy cooking and food preparation, and interpersonal relationships are some of the other topics that will be covered in the childcare section.

2. Growth, development and behavior of the child:

In this section of the nanny course, topics on the growth, development and behavior of the child will be mainly covered. The growth and development of the child from birth until the age of 2 years, especially fine motor and fine motor skills, the establishment of healthy relationships, records observations related to the interest and needs of child, focusing on emotions like attachment, separation, etc.

For young adolescents, the nanny or caregiver will be carefully guided to deal effectively with developmental issues. In addition, guards also receive training on special needs awareness.

3. Cultural enrichment:

Nannies or housekeepers are also trained in early childhood literature, language and communication. In cultural enrichment, there is an important part of creative play that stimulates the imagination of children through different activities. Along with this, caregivers learn the importance and role of music in the life of a young child and also about exploring different art forms for children.

4. Personal protection and safety:

In the Nanny course, empowerment is just as crucial, so personal awareness and protection of fire safety, water safety, horse safety and rescue are also taught. These are some of the imperative sections of the nanny course that are definitely covered for the safety of the children and the personal safety of the sitter.


The duration of the nanny training is mentioned below:

Duration – Six months

Minimum Qualifications Required – 12th Pass

Nowadays, the demand for the nanny training course is extremely high due to the exciting internship and the salary scale. Nanny placement agencies offer proper training as well as advantage of internships in India as well as overseas countries such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA etc. The important positive point of this goalie course is that there is a huge increase in the pay scale.

If you are looking for a successful career in the nanny profession, then the National Institute Chandigarh is a highly dedicated and professional academy for you! To become a reputable nanny for childcare, take our nanny education and training course in Chandigarh, Punjab which will be considered a great choice.

From structured curriculum to expert trainers, at the National Institute Chandigarh, we believe in providing nannies with the best childcare training. Recommended by Top Most

• 100% success rate

• Teach nanny skills in the best way

• Flexible hours for nanny lessons

• Fewer students in each batch

• Have more than five years of experience

• The best infrastructure and well-experienced teachers

NANNY Course in Chandigarh

The National Institute Chandigarh is the professional institute of nanny course in Chandigarh which offers training in nanny courses. We provide the best nanny coaching in Chandigarh.


The nanny is usually an adult person who is hired full time to care for a child. She works for the long term. Basically, the duties of a nanny include looking after the child, feeding, washing, supervising the play schedule and also helping the child with homework and any school related work. A nanny also prepares meals for a child. In other words, we can say that it is responsible for the development of a child.


People can be confused about the nanny and the babysitter, but they are very different from each other. There are some basic differences that they have

• The nanny, as mentioned above, is fully responsible for the care and development of a child, but the babysitter only keeps an eye on the child when the child’s parents are not. not at home.

• The work of the nanny is full time while the babysitter only stays with the child for a few hours.

• The nanny must be an adult while the babysitter may not be an adult. It is not necessary to be a babysitter.

• The salary of the nanny is higher than that of a babysitter because of the responsibilities of the nanny.

• A nanny should have a good qualification and experience in caring for a child for better service, but for the babysitting job no qualifications are required.

Nanny Course fees in Chandigarh


There is no specific qualification to become a nanny. An applicant who wants to be a nanny must have passed the 10th or 12th grade, but the important thing is that a nanny has a degree in childcare or some other degree related to child development. Nowadays, many degree and diploma courses are available in institutes. To become a nanny, just contact the Visa Immigration Consultants at the National Institute Chandigarh Best Nanny Institute in Chandigarh, Punjab, North India. National Institute Chandigarh offers the best nanny training in Punjab after achieving great results in Chandigarh. If you want to know the other facts related to nanny coaching or her work visa or find the best nanny coaching in Punjab or if you have any confusion about it then now you don’t have to worry just call us. We will provide advice and try to provide you with the best solutions, that’s why we are the best Nanny Coaching Institute in Chandigarh.


There are some basic skills that a nanny should have to take better care of a child. Since being a nanny is a big responsibility. The National Institute Chandigarh offers the best nanny coaching Chandigarh helps develop the following skills.


It is a good thing if a nanny is interested in the development of the child or, in other words, a nanny should be determined for the development of the child.


The nanny should also have household skills and the nanny should also have some first aid knowledge to take better care of a child. These skills are really necessary if you want to do your job better.


The nanny must be flexible to work for many hours. It must show solidarity and must also be tolerant. Other than that, the most important skill that she should have is for the nanny to have love for a child.


There are some questions about the nanny


Answer: Yes, they live with the family, as the nanny can then give full attention to the care and development of the child.


Answer: The nanny receives a salary on a weekly or bi-weekly basis Sometimes on a monthly basis.


National Institute Chandigarh offers the best nanny coaching in Chandigarh. Career Pathways